Ainvo Registry Defrag

Ainvo Registry Defrag

A simple, intuitive Registry defrag tool


  • Easy to use step-by-step process
  • Produces a report with results


  • Doesn't mean a significant improvement in system performance
  • You need to restart the computer in order to begin the defrag process

Not bad

Windows Registry can be fragmented as any other system file, and that can seriously affect the computer's performance. In these cases, what you need to do is defrag your Registry with a tool like Ainvo Registry Defrag.

Ainvo Registry Defrag is a simple program that helps you fix a fragmented Windows Registry in just a few steps. The process can take a while – depending mainly on the actual state of the Registry – but is easy enough for everyone, even those with little computer experience.

First of all, Ainvo Registry Defrag analyzes the Registry to check its level of fragmentation. Right after that, the system will restart and the degrade process will begin. Once it's done, Ainvo Registry Defrag will display a report with the results and a comparison of the Registry's state before and after the defrag.

I have to say Ainvo Registry Defrag didn't seem to significantly improve the system's performance. Nevertheless, it's a handy, easy-to-use tool that may help you solve Registry issues.

Ainvo Registry Defrag is a simple, quick Windows Registry defrag tool that can help you fix performance issues.

Ainvo Registry Defrag


Ainvo Registry Defrag

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